Monday, June 27, 2022

Garage Sale Finds June 2022


Also pictured are Vowel Bat glasses!!!

Butterfly life cycle

Mini-dice in dice!!!!

Space stamps

the finger one is filled with water and stars
the donut
spider pointer

These are from Katie Co.
they are amazing!!!!

Lying in My Sleeping Bag
it is no longer available on her site.

Gingerbread and Santa finger puppets $3

Learning Resources fish

Foam bunny dice- $2

Finger puppets 
bag of 15- $3

Rain forest puppets
Get yours HERE

Frog mini notepad

Large clear and small blue gems like these at Dollar Tree
the clear ones are bigger than the blue ones.

These were $1 a piece!!!
I only got 8 sets last year- a set of 24 at Dollar Tree.
Check that trip here.
The boxes I use from Dollar Tree- they hold about 24 crayons.
So I will split these bigger boxes into those boxes.
Did I stop at Dollar Tree today? Yes.
Did I remember to look for the boxes... no lol

These premade books for $1 each!
You can get your own books
to make your own HERE.

Birthday no printable but it's under velcro books :)

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