Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spin a Word

I saw a pin on Pinterest, so I have been busy making them to share.
Included is the spinner and recording sheet.

Directions: Using a paper clip and pencil or brad in the middle, 
the child will spin and then write down the letter that they got on the recording sheet.

Turkey Spinner 

 Winter- I just tried with the background- would you prefer it with or without?

What other ones can you think of?

I was thinking:

*Ocean life
*Rain forest
*Zoo Animals

Check them all out here.


Anonymous said...

CUTE!! I like them without. They could print and mount to a cute themed scrapbook paper...if wanted to. Thanks for always sharing!
Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

kinderpond said...


I made a version without the background and about 30 others!


Beadboard said...

Jennifer! These are GREAT! Thank you! Does anyone know the site we can order the spinners so we don't have to use paper clips? Is so, PLEASE email me!

Lisa said...

I love this idea! I snagged the gingerbread one! Thanks for sharing.

beth said...

you can by spinners at the $ store

Barbara said...

Oooo, I'm SO glad I found your site. How about a character spinner? With the Six Pillars and a corresponding number? Just a thought.

The Corner On Character