Sunday, October 28, 2012

October in the ASP

Here was the Frog Life Cycle

We used the word bank on the bottom-
I didn't have the answers for all of the children at the beginning.

The Kindergartners and first graders got to have the picture icons and had to glue in the correct order and draw the arrows. The first graders had to write the stages too.

The older students had to draw their own. 

 Butterfly life cycle within a butterfly. 
Once again, the K-1 students got to have the photos to put in order.
1st graders had to label and with the K's I wrote the longer words in yellow so they could trace. 
Here was one that a 5th grader did: 

Another day we talked about the Spider life cycle.
We did talk about the body parts of a spider, plus I taught them to draw a spider web.

We talked about how a spider "molts" so we darkened in a spider and left one very light- that was when we darkened the other one. 
 We played a little "hangman" we recorded this in our science logs.
 Here was a K or 1 science log entry.
Here is what the older students did.
I gave them the animals in the middle, then we shared animals/food
that they ate.   Plus what animals ate the animals in the middle.