Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Earth Day

I know this is early, but it just worked out like that!
This week is all about Earth Day and recycling.
I got these booklets recently and couldn't wait to use them!
There are books for every age level.
 This poster was included in the program.

 Going to use these poems under the ELMO.

 With K-2 we will sort items in my pocket chart.  3-5 will create in their science logs.
 I will be using these for word work.
I laminate the spinner and the recording sheet.
One option is they have to write the letters as they get them,
or you may want to have those letters available.
Still another way is just to have out some
kind of counter and as the children spin 
they put a counter under the letter.
This saves paper- each child doesn't have to
have a page and two
sometimes even using markers 
is a pain to clean up too! 

Recycle- easy version

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seuss Reading

Sometimes, with my higher reading groups, I let them do an independent author study.

I found all of my Seuss books and put them around the entire room.  Yes it goes around the whole room lol

Anyways, with my top readers, they all get this sheet and a recording sheet.

I make theirs in black and white.  I do copy it on the 
picture setting on my copy machine.

So after they read the book, they color in the hat under each book.

On their recording sheet.
they record the date they read it.

We have a 3 hat system if the book is 
okay, good, great

They shade in 1, 2 or 3.

Then they tell me their favorite part.
On non-fiction books, I ask them to list a fact.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

March Homework Calendar

Here is the month of March Homework Calendar.

Here is March's homework calendar.  Do you need it modified for your own school calendar?  For example my school has off the last week of school.  Please let me know, and I can make a special one for your needs.  After you purchase the calendar, email me at kinderpond@yahoo.com and I will change it to fit your individual needs.  I look forward to working with you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Space Day 6

Today we continued to dance around the stars and we made our own.

I really wanted to make the ones I saw here, but I really don't have enough time for it. :(

So I am giving the children black paper and white crayons.  For the K-1 children, I am also going to give them star stickers and they will connect the stars.  Well our school ran out of black paper, so I used purple.  Sometimes the night sky is purple or maybe it was dark, or maybe because it is my favorite color.  Actually, the next darkest color was green, but that really didn't work lol

I had the  students create and name their own constellations.

 Yes it is a Vite-  Her name begins with a V- so
now we end up with a Vite :)

  The Knight Light! ha!

 His name begins with ant- so here is his
 She used the stencil part of the stars to
 make the three in the middle.

 Meet Lady Ga Ga--- 
{Ummm.... I think someone needs to 
work on vowel sounds}
 Bow and Arrow

 {Do we know why this paper is blue????}
{Nope lol}